House co-ordinator

My day

My name is Veit, I am 29 years old and was born in Germany. In 2008 I moved to live at Ochil Tower School in the heart of Scotland, in order to do a year in social services. This I did as an alternative to army training which was mandatory for all young men back then in Germany. I felt that going aboard to help a social cause would benefit me much more, as well as the world. In 2014 I married Svetlana, and in 2018 our son Seraphim was born. Currently we lead a residential children’s house with the support of volunteers and employees.

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Since I came to Ochil Tower School I have been involved with children and young adults who have additional support needs and sometimes distressed behaviour. In 2009 I started to study Curative Education in Aberdeen, graduating with a Degree in Social Pedagogy in 2014. Over the years that I have studied I have found many different ways to support our young people to develop their skills and find their place within our world. I have lived in four of the five houses of the school and was part of two classes, acting in different capacities, from senior co-worker, house co-ordinator assistant and supervisor. The longer I stayed, the more I got involved with professionals and other stakeholders, always aiming to promote the students’ interests and rights as well as the well-being of the school.

My professional development continued with the opportunity to become a live-in house co-ordinator in 2013. Five years later, I’m still responsible for ensuring that – as part of our 24-hour curriculum – the care and educational needs of everyone in the house are being met. This includes being involved with the direct care of children and young people on a daily basis, often acting as a key worker, leading the team in compiling individual care and education plans, termly SMART aims, reports for reviews, annual reports etc. I provide support and supervision to staff, some of whom will be young volunteers, as well as liaison with families and external professionals.

Together with my family we create a loving home for young people and volunteers to come and share our lives. We provide young people with a nurturing, active, healthy and safe environment, where they feel included, respected, and supported in the development of skills, confidence and self-esteem. We live and work by the principles and values of social pedagogy and the Camphill movement. This includes acting as a role model, and providing structure and clear boundaries.

We’re part of a vibrant community, and we’re focused on maintaining and developing its ethos, creating an atmosphere where we share life and live together as equals.